April 10, 2017


Dr Tuukka Toivonen (PhD, Oxon.), Principal Investigator and Senior Lecturer in Social & Economic Innovation


Tuukka is an organisational sociologist of collective creativity with a broad-ranging interest in innovative processes and entrepreneurial organisations that intend to shape future economic cultures.

 Apart from NetCreate, Tuukka co-directs two unconventional teaching programmes at the UCL Institute for Global Prosperity (MSc & PhD Global Prosperity). Through these programmes, he is developing a new approach to educating top transition leaders – both young and young at heart – who need to acquire the knowledge, creative tools and networks to advance sustainable prosperity across multiple levels and sectors, utilising entrepreneurial strategies.

Tuukka also advises and engages with a varietyof private and public sector organisations, including startups, think tanks, co-working leaders as well as ecological and social innovators. He is keen to bring his experience and knowledge to new contexts within and beyond the UK. Tuukka remains open to enquiries from potential collaborators, prospective PhD supervisees, as well as knowledge-seekers within the private, public and third sectors, regardless of location or background. 

Julia Oertli, Research Coordinator

Julia holds the project together and also provides a critical link to industry practice. She splits her time between NetCreate and working as Head of Programmes and Partnerships at Impact Hub Islington. 
This allows her to keep abreast with academic knowledge, whilst also being the practical voice in the team to ensure that the research outputs are relevant and useful for practitioners in the field. 

Julia brings with her a range of experiences in the fields of international development, public health and social enterprise. She holds an MSc in Social Development Practice from the UCL Development Planning Unit (2013) and has a first degree in Social Anthropology.