April 10, 2017


We are collecting the data for this research in three different ways, including:

Daily “innovation diary” mobile application surveys
The daily app questionnaires focus on surface-level data that record when, where and with whom a creative interaction took place and how significant it was. Specifically, we ask participants to categorise the interactions they record according to the following questions:

  • How engaging was the interaction?
  • How useful was the interaction?
  • Did you learn anything new from the interaction?
  • Did the interaction challenge you in any way?

Weekly short phone interviews
We have a short call with each participant every week to probe a little deeper into any significant interactions they have had during the week. Particularly, we ask about the following:

  • Adjustments and recombinations of ideas: have any existing ideas been changed or combined to form something new?
  • External standards and formats: has the business model been adapted in a way that increases its potential to attract customers or investment?
  • Values and preferences: what values underpin recent decisions?
  • Framing: how is the entrepreneur currently explaining the business?

Monthly in-person interviews
The monthly in-person interviews are a chance to go into more depth on recent developments and probe into emerging changes in the business model. The interviews particularly focus on:

  • Adjustments or changes in the business model: comparing the current business model with earlier versions and identifying what has changed
  • Tracing back to significant interactions: enquiring whether a significant change in the business model links back to a previous significant interaction
  • Participants’ experiences of being at the co-working space: exploring whether/how the co-working space itself has enabled/shaped participants’ interactions

All the interview data is being recorded, transcribed and then coded by two members of the research team. We are capturing changes in the business model through visual maps, which will evolve throughout the study. We also note any potential linkages between business model changes and interactions that are not mentioned by participating entrepreneurs.